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Updated January 2024

Private Practice 

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As a privately practicing specialist, Dr Broderick fees are based on AMA rates and are higher than the Medicare scheduled fee. There will be an out-of-pocket cost.  This is not a bulk billing clinic. Payment for consultations is expected at the time of the appointment. Medicare rebates are available on most consultation appointments. 

All surgeries are performed in Private Hospitals. You are provided a quote for the surgeons fees before the surgery and you will need to seek a quote from the anaesthetist and hospital as these are billed separately. Medicare rebates are not payable on Private Hospital fees. For patients without private health insurance, hospital fees will be a totally out-of-pocket cost. 

Dr Broderick does not participate in No Gap or Known Gap schemes with health funds. 

Cancellation Policy - Failure to confirm 

Dr Broderick is very heavily booked several months in advance and has a long waitlist. As a curtesy to other patients please ensure that you confirm your appointment when prompted by SMS.

Failure to confirm an appointment will result in the appointment being cancelled. SMS appointment confirmations will be sent on making the appointment, then a confirmation reminder 5 days prior to your appointment and if the appointment is not confirmed another SMS reminder will be sent 3 days prior to your appointment. If your appointment has not been confirmed after this, we will contact you via phone, if we receive no answer or confirmation your appointment will be cancelled. An email will be sent asking you to contact the office for another appointment.

Cancellation of Procedures Policy 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery please contact the office at least 3 working days prior to the surgery day. This allows us time to cancel the hospital, anaesthetists and assistant surgeons. It also allows us the ability to offer the allotted surgical space to another patient. Failure to inform us in time may result in a cancellation fee of 20% of the deposit paid.

Script Policy

Requests for prescriptions without a consultation appointment will only be provided at Dr Broderick's discretion and will attract an administration fee. All regular medication prescriptions can be provided by your GP and they should be your first point of call for scripts.

Late Cancellation of Appointment or Failure to arrive Policy 

We understand that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled. To allow us to offer your cancelled appointment time to another patient we require advanced notice. 

We have a strict appointment cancellation policy where we require at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Appointments cancelled within the 24 hour period prior or failure to arrive for your appointment may result in a cancellation fee of $100 being charged.

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